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Resident Return Visa

An Australia Resident Return Visa is a type of visa that grants a travel facility to permanent visa holders. A travel facility allows persons, who have an Australia permanent visa, to travel in and out of the country as necessary.

Resident Return Visa for Australia is a requirement for Australian permanent residents who want to travel freely without affecting their permanent visa status. Since holders of an Australian permanent visa have a limited time on their travel allowance, it’s important to know how to apply for a Resident Return Visa and who can apply for one.

In the event when you leave Australia after your travel facility has expired, you are not able to return to Australia as a Permanent Resident. So if you wish to return to Australia to regain your PR status, you must apply an Resident Return Visa overseas and be granted before you can return to Australia.

Who Needs this Visa :
If you are an Australian permanent resident.
You are a former Australian permanent resident whose last visa is still valid.
You are a former Australian citizen who lost your citizenship.

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