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Our Process

Our process is fairly simple. We carefully listen to your requirements and tend to provide you with a customized and honest solution within the first consultation itself.

Rather than quickly jumping to a conclusion before engaging your case, we do proper groundwork by planning your case beforehand and doing a thorough case study to minimize the complexities and get the desired outcome smoothly and legitimately.

Migration regulations are complex to understand and constantly changing. Our professionals are always up to date with the latest industry knowledge and make sure we apply the latest and the correct knowledge in assisting our clients, as we don't tend to take risks with the client's application and money.

1. Contact Us

Contact us by filling out the online form on our website or emailing your details with brief information on the required information or service. In addition, we will book a time with our qualified Migration agent to discuss your query.

2. Initial Consultation

Attend the scheduled consultation (online or face-to-face if needed) with one of our Migration agents and share your visa issue/s. We will listen carefully and understand your requirements and current Australian visa situation. It will be a preliminary consultation with a time limit of 20 minutes at no Cost.

3. Detailed Consultation (Discuss Options)

It will be a paid consultation, costing between $ 150 to $ 250, depending on the complexity of the matter.The consultation price will be quoted to you during the step 2 initial consultation. In addition, our migration agent will provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand visa option and a pathway plan based on your circumstances. Finally, we will explain all the further steps and a cost estimate for the entire pathway.

4. Service Engagement

Initiation of the chosen pathway. We will issue the service agreement specifying the cost estimate, the pathway you chose, and the case notes. By accepting and signing the service agreement, you authorize us to commence the work on your proposed case.

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