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Australian Citizenship Application

If you’re an expat in Australia and have fallen in love with life there, you might be considering becoming an Australian citizen. Along with being able to say that you are officially a citizen, there are a number of other benefits to becoming a citizen of the country you reside in.

If you’ve made the decision to apply for citizenship, or are just considering it, we will walk with you through how to apply for Australian citizenship. So understanding the criteria early on in your permanent residence journey is essential so that you can plan to meet the requirements over time.

According to the Australian Government, there are certain key steps to take into consideration before applying for Australian Citizenship :
See if you are eligible
Be a migrant who is a permanent resident
Satisfy the residence requirement
Be likely to reside, or to continue to reside, in Australia or to maintain a close and continuing association with Australia
Do you meet criteria, for English language skills
Be of good character if you are 18 years of age or over
Meet the residency requirements
Understand your responsibilities as a citizen

From the initial appointment to the Citizenship Ceremony, we will guide you through the process from beginning to end. We will determine the best strategy for you and take the pain out of the paperwork.

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